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Beautiful Belgian Landscapes
Belgium can be devided into six regions. Behind the North Sea Coast lies a lowland known by its historic name of Flanders.

Farther inland the land rises gently to the east and south-east forming the central low plateau's bounded by the well-defined valley of the Sambre and the Meuse. Beyond this valley rises the plateau of the Ardennes, succeeded in the extreme south by a small portion of the hill and dale country of Lorraine. Finally in the north-east is an area of heathland, the Kempen.

The vibrant capital city of both  Belgium and the European Union is not only a very clean and well maintained city but also rich in history. Brussels is a very sophisticated city with a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere. Start with a stroll around the magnificent Grand Place, one of the most beautiful squares in Europe. What an experience, dis- cover for yourself Brussels first class cuisine in the restaurants of I'llot Sacre' or stop at one of the many pavement cafes around the bustling squares to sample the famous beers and chocolates.

Brussels has much to offer. Go and visit the stunning Grand Place with Unesco World Heritage status or have a look at the famous  Manniken Pis statue, St Michael's Cathedral, the Royal Palace and the beautiful Parc de Bruxelles. The European Union quarter buildings offer a more modern perspective of this historic city. Also don't miss the museum of Fine Arts, where the collection spans from Old Masters including Rubens and Van Dyk to the modern Magritte.

Shopping in Brussels is great and for souvernir hunters, the tourist wil find mostly local Belgian home made products reflecting the Belgian spirit, art and lifestyle. Brussels has many luxury hotels, but more budget orientated accommodation is widely available.

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Hanne Troonbeeckx In Bk....

The Block Oostende Preview. Short trailer filmed on Oostende Beach promoting Hanne Troonbeeckx in Belgium
Gemmenich Arial View Of Euro Region Village
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Capital Of Belgium
Brussels North
Brussels View From Bruxelles Noord Station
Brussels Central
Hotel Plaza Brussels
Hotel Sheraton Brussels
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Fashion and diamond city
Antwerp is also worth a visit with its magnificent architecture.  Coastal resorts like De Haan, Oostende and Zee-brugge are not to be missed and at last the famous mediaeval town of Bruges is a must. Beautiful Bruges is one of Europe's best preserved mediaeval towns and is incredibly picturesque  taking a cruise along the romantic canals or ride in a traditional horse and carriage to discover the intricate narrow lanes and waterways of the old town.